E.ON Headquarters, Munich, Germany

2002 – 2004
client: E.ON Energie AG, Munich, Germany
office/firm: Büro für Gestaltung Diane Ziegler (today Zieglerbürg)
role: student worker / team member

My first experience in a large–scale Interior project was the deign of the EON Headquarters in Munich. EON at the time was Germany’s biggest energy provider and decided to move its headquarters with 300+ office spaces to Munich, Germany. As student worker at Büro Für Gestaltung Diane Ziegler,
I was trusted to take care about the overall office’s organization on 5 floors in 3 buildings. Furthermore my contribution to the project comprises the design of the office’s partition wall system, the furniture custom–design as well as the headquarter’s canteen and VIP lounges. One of our main challenges was the custom design of the partition wall’s acoustic panels and free–hanging side- boards.

website: www.zieglerbuerg.de