2013 – 2014
partners: Kocher & Scheiber, SAP, Erlebnisplan, Swisscom
funding: CREA Lab future research laboratory
role: project leader

The project addressed the question “How can virtual teamwork be improved by matching suitable spaces and technologies in the future working environment?” In order to gather the needs of users in virtual teamwork an online survey that looks into the interplay between technology and space was conducted. A total of 95 participants were involved, including a sample of knowledge workers at the Lucerne University of Applied Science and Arts and of two companies (a large company SAP and a small company called Erlebnisplan’). The result of the evaluation were 4 typologies of spaces for future virtual collaboration: 1. Workshop room / extended meeting room 2. Individual workspace 3. Video conference 4. Solutions for open plan offices. In a second step we developed a conceptual fair stand for the Swisscom «future office fair». The stand illustrated the elaborated typologies of virtual collaboration in a series of cardboard installations.