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this section is currently being developed and is meant to provide a series of online ressources for both, learners and educators.

Distance Learning Blueprint

Due to the quick shift to Distance Learning caused by the lockdown of Universities during the CoViD-crisis, at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, I developed a Blueprint that we have used to rearrange courses at our MA Programme in Design.

Under the following links, you may download two versions of the blueprint—one for screen view (PDF, 112KB) and a second one for printouts on DIN formats (PDF, 122KB):

Course Planning Tool

According to the Distance Learning Blueprint, I also created a simple Excel file (48KB) that might help to re-arrange existing or plan new courses in the disctance learning format. Additional to the Excel file, there is also an example of one my own courses that has been held in spring 2020 (PDF, 47KB). Please, feel free to download the files and see, if they might help you while planning your own courses.

Debriefing Sheet

As explained in my screencast on Distance Learning, debriefing is an essential part of our Distance Learning Blueprint and became part of our daily learning practice at Master Design in Lucerne.

Basically, it is a simple Excel sheet that focuses three main areas: Learnings of the Day, How Distance Learning affected the learning process and Technical Issues that have been experienced. Feel free to download the debriefing sheet (Excel, 32KB) and customise it to your own courses and needs.